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Betty asks…

36 weeks pregnant how do i stop my acid-heartburn?

its killing mee
what can i eat or drink to get rid of it

Wendy answers:

Ugh. I know how you feel! Eat small amounts. Drink lots of water and eat Tums. Unfortunately, there’s not much else.They say if you have heartburn your baby will have a lot of hair.I got it at the end and one of my twins had a full head of hair!

Carol asks…

What is this burning pain in my stomach which is relieved by eating?

I eat to help the pain rather than because I am hungry. It feels quite high up in my stomach and I suppose it feels like heartburn but it’s much worse and the only way I can get rid of it is to eat… Any ideas?

Wendy answers:

Sounds like H.pylori bacteria. This is a bacteria that causes peptic ulcers… It can lay dormant in your system your entire life and then become active due to extreme stress, etc. It will have to be killed off with a powerful antibiotic (Bactrim or something like that.), but beware that strong antibiotics will bring about a yeast infection as a side effect. To read more about Heliocobacter pylori (H.pylori) bacteria, look up the signs and symptoms on…. The doctor will have to perform a quick blood test or run tests of a stool sample to be certain this is what you have, but I would have to guess that’s what it is. It causes an extreme burning sensation when your stomach is empty…it literally feels like something is gnawing on your stomach.

William asks…

Can cough drops cause heartburn?

I think I have the beginning stage of acid reflux and I‘m trying to tend to my symptoms and change my eating habits to get rid of it all. I‘ve been taking Pepcid AC and Rolaids and eating “safe” foods but I still have a cough from the acid that irritates my throat. I‘d like to get rid of the cough but am afraid that cough drops might make the acid reflux worse. Does anyone know if it should make things worse if I take a Halls cough drop or does anyone know a better way to relieve the cough? I can‘t have anything with caffeine, acid, of high fat contents as this just aggravates the situation, but this cough is just getting on my nerves. And yes, I know I need to go to the doctors and what not, but I have no insurance at the moment so I‘m trying to treat the acid reflux as best as I can. Thanks for any input!
For the last few days I‘ve had heartburn pains and an acidic feeling in my stomach. I even paid to ask a doctor online about my symptoms and she said it was probably acid reflux. It all started when I started to drink really strong tea and it was the only thing I was drinking for like a week straight. When I looked up acid reflux it said that sometimes when the acid reaches the esophagus it can irritate it and cause a dry throat and cough, which I now have. Most of the other symptoms have cleared up so far now that I‘ve been more careful of what I eat but now I have this dry throat and cough. And I wound up taking the cherry cough drops anyway cause it was just that bad and it didn’t seem to irritate my stomach or anything. I wanted to go to the doctors in case of it getting any worse cause I didn’t want to do any damage to my system by just waiting it out, but it looks like that’s what I‘m doing anyway.

Wendy answers:

What makes you think you have acid reflux?
What are your symptoms?
Cough isn’t usually associated with reflux.

It sounds like there is something else going on

there are free clinics out there. There is usually a lengthy wait but it would be wise to sit through

feel better soon

Chris asks…

26 weeks pregnant! really bad heartburn please help!?

im 26 weeks pregnant with my first!
during weeks 8-14 i had really really bad heartburn! like i couldnt eat or sleep or sit! it would make me very nauseous and i would puke on occasions. after the 14th week i had none at all. i am now 26 weeks along and it has unfortunatly come back! and it has come back strong! same as before! i cant sleep or eat or anything. it has seriously made me cry at how i get so fustrated that i cant get rid of it! it hurts! i took 3 tums but those make me get naseous! it has made me puke them out. idk what to do. can u give me some advice? it feels like this is going to be a late nite!
before i just didnt really eat or sleep. but i have to eat now for my baby! i get hungry often but im scared to eat. what should i avoid?

Wendy answers:

Aww..I can only imagine how that must feel lol. I was fortunate enough in my first pregnancy, and so far so good this time around too (17 weeks) not to get the heartburn. However morning sickness is another story!

But I do know how painful that can be. My good friend naturally got heartburn constantly growing up, and was taking tums and priolsec and other random heartburn revilers. It really looked uncomfortable. A natural way to keep it at bay that helped for her was to chew mint flavored chewing gum. Like spearmint, or winterfresh. She would also keep the acidic foods away when she started feeling the heartburn building up. Anything like orange juice, spicy foods, Itallian foods (especially marinara for her!) try to avoid. While at the same time increase your fluids, especially water.

Try keeping a more bland diet for the time being. You can still eat yummy things that won’t trigger heartburn as bad. Things like mashed potatoes, meats, veggies, veggies and dip, non citrus fruits, jellos, jello fruit salads, eggs, breakfast foods like cold cereal, toast, egg sandwich on a bagel or english muffin, waffles.

Also keep track of what you eat. If you find that some random or odd food tends to bring on the heartburn, avoid that for the time being and switch to something else. The cold cereals will for sure be alright, I don’t know about you but I am a big fan of them. I stock my cupboards full of raisin bran, fruity pebbles, cupcake pebbles, fruit loops, honey nut cheerios, lucky charms, and cap’n'crunch..mmmm lol :)

Hope you feel better soon, and congrats on becoming a new mom! :)

Robert asks…


I have had nonstop heartburn for 3 weeks. I remember having heartburn as a child, and I used to get it at night sometimes. A year ago I was diagnosed with GERD and I was diagnosed with IBS about 5 years ago. I never had heartburn like this before, I‘m trying to eat a very strict diet to get rid of it but nothing helps. I‘m trying a gluten free / lactose free / low fat diet with no sucess after 4 days. I feel that I need to get a full scope from my mouth to my *ss to see if there is a problem like a tumor or something more serious. I have had some strange symptoms within the last year including: a constant need to clear my throat of mucus, some difficulty swallowing foods (they feel stuck as they go down), coughing up mucus and food after swallowing it and breathing problems or shortness of breath at night. I get very little sleep because of this and this new onset of heartburn that won’t go away has made me paranoid that something is seriously wrong. I went the the emerge, and I feel the resident doc didn’t take me seriously, he prescribed me some proton pump inhibitors for the stomache acid, but after 2 days, still no success with them. Heartburn is still constant, getting worse at night. I‘m starting to thing there is something blocking up my bowels and acide is stuck into my stomach, as I have pain and bloating in all of my abdomen as well. At this point, I don’t know what else to do as the docs don’t find it very serious and everything I‘m doing doesn’t seem to help as it is getting worse. Is there somewhere a Canadian citizen can go for private healthcare in order to overt the lack of responsiveness in the public system??? I beleive it would prove beneficial for a doc to perform a gastroscope of my digestive system and see what the hell is going on. Anyone know where I can get this done?

Wendy answers:

I have month-long episodes of bad heartburn with IBS that don’t respond to PPIs. The only thing that seems to help me is putting my bed up on an angle. I’ve had no explanation as to why they happen. They tend to come on only when the IBS symptoms are at their worst.

You’re best approach is to get to the root cause of your IBS symptoms whether it be food intolerance (gluten, FODMAP sugars, etc), psych issues, structural issues (ulcers etc), SIBO…. My IBS symptoms are caused by SIBO. Treatments that work for me are antibiotics, high strength probiotics and staying away from sugar. Try as a starting point maybe.

As you say you might need to see a gastroenterologist for an endoscopy to check for acid damage if you get no relief. Go back to your gp if it keeps up and they’ll eventually get the message — I’ve got a little bit of what they call “erosion” around the LES as a result of my episodes but I’m told it’s not all that bad — I think that most of the damage heals as long as the heartburn doesn’t go on for too long.

Sorry I can’t help with the public system frustrations. I can sympathize tho – been there many times before.

Best of luck

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