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Your Questions About What Can I Eat To Get Rid Of Heartburn

Donald asks…

What’s the best way to avoid heartburn?

it seems no matter what I eat I always end up with heartburn. Even if I don’t eat anything all day long! What triggers heartburn and is there anyway way I can get rid of it without having to take zantac every day?

Wendy answers:

The esophagus is a muscular tube through which food passes from the mouth to stomach. When one feels a painful sensation in the esophagus, the condition is called heartburn, or indigestion. Indigestion is caused by gastric acid which regurgitates below the breastbone. In simple terms, when gastric acid starts rising in the gullet (esophagus). These acids are otherwise necessary to digest the food. Some symptoms of indigestion are:
A painful or burning sensation in the upper abdomen or chest, sometimes radiating to the back (heartburn).
The acid reflux may reach the pharynx (throat) and mouth

Here are someways you can avoid or lessen heartburn. If you smoke or drink heavy, stop it immediately. Bring discipline to your eating habits particularly the meals. Don’t overeat, especially before bedtime. If you had to take heavy food before bedtime, take a brick walk before going to sleep. Avoid spicy or fatty foods. Such foods are good for taste, but bad for digestion. Never eat your food fast and chew it well. Good sleeping habits include sleeping on your left side. You may also raise the head of the bed by few inches so acids can’t raise. Never bend after your meals. Take a time gap of at least 15 minutes to do so. Last but not the least, avoid using tight belts or clothes which exert pressure on your stomach.

Maria asks…


my doctor prescribes me these pills for my heartburn and I take them twice a day and they did work for a while but NOW no matter what I eat I get heartburn and the pills I take don’t get rid of it. What else can I take? do I need to go back to the doctor and tell him about this or can I just go get something OTC? what works for ya’ll?

Wendy answers:

Yogurt every day is supposed to help.

Linda asks…

I am 14 weeks pregnant and have horrible constant heartburn! I need some suggestions as how to get rid of it.?

I am currrently 14 weeks pregnant and am suffering from CONSTANT heartburn! Nothing seems to be helping. I did have heartburn with my first child but not until the end of my pregnancy. This is my second and I started getting heartburn at 8 weeks! I have tried any and everything from over the counter meds to milk to ice cream. I know the dr can give you a prescription for something when nothing else works, but I need relief before my next appointment. I watch what I eat, eat small meals frequently, sleep elevated, but nothing helps. I have it from the time I wake up to the time I eventually fall asleep. Anyone have any ideas that I haven’t thought of?
I was going to ask my Dr about maybe taking prilosec. I do take tums, but the texture of them always makes me gag and sometime puke. They are awful. I would almost rather have heartburn than take them! I did read somewhere that they can contribute to kidney stones, so I have been trying to keep it limited. I will definately look into those papaya chews! They sound good – hope they help!

Wendy answers:

Try papaya chewable pills. You can get them in health food stores. They are great, better than tums.

Michael asks…

How can i get rid of my running sickness?

hello. For almost a year i have had a seious runnning problem. Everytime i run a long distance( and sometimes short distance) i feel a terrible stinging in my stomach and feel like i‘m going to throw up or actually throw up. I am pretty sure that it is the speed that i‘m running and not the distance because this happens on short runs too. I have tried absolutely everything: chewing my food more, eating bettter foods before my run, and even heartburn medicines. I have already gone to the doctor and they have taken my blood and an x ray and they say that nothing is wrong with me. Everyone assumes it is just me growing but i disagree because this has been gong on for almost a year and it doesn’t get better or worse. I have no idea what i schould do now but i know that i can‘t run the school runs anymore. Thanks for your help.

Wendy answers:

It sounds like you might be dehydrated. Being dehydrated will really mess with your stomach for a variety of reasons. It slows your metabolism, it starves your body and muscles of much needed water as well. Try drinking throughout the day. Drink a tall glass of water right away in the morning, and go from there. Also, beware of your caffeine intake. This will actually cause your body to get rid of more water and dehydrate you further. So cut the soda/pop/coke. Hope this helps.

Joseph asks…

Other ways to relieve heartburn?

i have had terrible heartburn all day it has been sort of on and off and even when i haven’t eaten anything for a while. I have taken 7 tums throughout the whole day and it just wont go away ! i really want to get some sleep because i am being induced tomorrow and could use some energy tomorrow but my heartburn wont let me! what are some other ways to get rid of heartburn besides tums ? – like things that i can eat or do ?
im 37 weeks. And i am now drinking a huge glass of milk and it did give me some instant relief also because it is cold too hopefully it will last until i fall asleep :)

Wendy answers:

Im 19 weeks and drink a lot of milk at the moment! It really helps and also take gaviscon when things get to unbearable. Good luck for tomorrow! Just think after tomorrow with a bit of luck that dreaded heartburn will have gone

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