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Your Questions About What Can I Eat To Get Rid Of Heartburn

Joseph asks…

what can I eat that WONT cause heartburn? 41weeks pregnant?

I am so tired, for the last week – 10days i have only been getting about 3-5 hours sleep a night due to severe heart burn. NO medication gets rid of it, Not even prescribed medicines so please don’t tell me to try different things, I do eat a few of things that I know could be responsible for the heartburn and have decided that today I am going to try and make myself a heartburn free day! Last night for example my boyfriend ran me a nice relaxing bath with candles around it ect, and made me a lovely cup of tea to drink while in there and I had some luxury chocolates that my brother had bought me for my birthday… two hours later I went to bed… 3 hours after that I woke up with horrible burning in my throat.
I know the obvious things to cause heartburn are like Fizzy drinks, Anything acid based (like vinegar) and spicy foods, Can anyone recommend anything that will hopefully mean I get a decent nights sleep tonight? I am being induced in 2 days, and as it stands I will be far too tired to give birth :(
The ‘silly’ thing is, that when the baby is here and crying throughout the night, My boyfriend (who works night shifts) is having 4 weeks off work, So atleast he will be able to take some of the strain off me (especially since he is used to being awake at that time of night) I just wish he could take my heartburn off me now!! lol

Wendy answers:

I could never get ridof it completely but i found milk, yogurt, ice cream- any dairy just plain settled it hell of alot so i could work and sleep… I tried everything known lol

Nancy asks…

Any tips for getting rid of heartburn?


I‘m 24 years old, male and suffer from terrible heartburn. I‘m slightly overweight but not obese. I have recently, since the beginning of March, taken up a new diet/excercise regime after being told by my GP that I have high blood pressure, I quit smoking 3 years ago, I do not drink tea or coffee and have replaced cola and other fizzy drinks with water and fresh fruit juice. I do up to 150 squats a day as well as a 2 mile run twice a week, I also play golf every day (This doesn’t sound like much but it involves a LOT of walking and full upper body workout) I eat less junk food than ever before yet my heartburn seems to have got WORSE. Can anyone help?? What am I doing wrong?

Wendy answers:

Talk to your doctor about being tested for Helicobacter Pylori. I suffered with frequent heartburn, chronic gastritis, etc, for most of my life. Then a few years ago my wife happened to come across an article about Helicobacter Pylori on the Internet. All it took to cure me was the recommended round of antibiotics.

Before the cure most fruit juices, as well as many other food and drink, would start the heartburn going. I popped Rollaids like they were candy and regularly took Tagamet, yet still only managed to keep the heartburn from being unbearable.

Now, no heartburn. I can drink OJ and other fruit juices and eat things that used to have me doubled over in pain with heartburn. I hope you do have Helicobacter Pylori, because it is easily treatable and your life will be much better when you’re cured of its effects.

Laura asks…

Can I get rid of a food allergy by eating what I’m allergic to or any other way?

I have always had an allergy to fish. The symptoms include: itchy throat, stabbing pain in chest and esophagus(like bad heartburn), tongue feels furry, mouth swollen, sometimes difficulty breathing/wheezy and loads of mucus.
How can I get rid of this?
Will it work to have a small amount every day until I build a tolerance to it?

Wendy answers:

First of all I wouldn’t try that without consulting an allergist first. Yes I get allergy shots every month for all kinds of allergies except food; therefore yes what they give you is actually a small dosage of what your actually allergic too in the vials. But I wouldn’t suggest doing this on your own. Things could go really wrong.

Betty asks…

Please help me get rid of my heartburn!?

I have had it for a little more than 12 hrs now. This is the longest and most painful heatburn yet. I ate some Tums, that didn’t work. I took some gaviscon and that made me throw up. I bought some pepcid and waited and had no success. Then from pain I threw up again. My last attempt was Tagament and yeah it went away after awhile. But since I am diabetic I need to eat something so I ate an apple. And it came back full swing. Tagament isnt doing anything! What can I do? This is Very, Very painful. I can‘t do this another twelve hrs.

Wendy answers:

You should probably go to an emergency room or an urgent care center if you have had nonstop heartburn with vomiting for 12 hours. There is a medication called a “GI cocktail” that contains antacid, lidocaine, and an anticholinergic. I have had this medication several times when my heartburn was so bad I could only lie on the floor and wonder when I was going to die from it. Your gastric acids may be damaging your esophagus.

Tums are an antacid, and they neutralize stomach acid.

Tagamet is a histamine H2 receptor antagonist. This means they act on the parietal cells of the stomach, preventing them from releasing stomach acid.

There is a class of drugs called Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) that may be more effective for you. These include AcipHex, Protonix, and Nexium (prescription) and Prilosec OTC (nonprescription). These drugs block the “proton pump” of the stomach cells, stopping acid production. PPIs are the most potent, most efficacious heartburn medications available. I have taken all four of these types, and they work.

Once you have gotten this latest bout of hearburn under control, see a physician and ask about a PPI. Or try the over-the-counter Prilosec OTC. It can take up to 8 weeks, especially if your esophagus is damaged by stomach acids, for complete relief.

John asks…

I have heartburn all the time what to do?

Im 19 and for the last 8 months or so I have pretty much had heartburn all the time. my diet is not the best and I do drink more alcohol than i probably should as i am at university so its hard to avoid it really. As I say I pretty much have it the majority of the time and is noticeable probably after meals more so. I have been to gp about this about 4-5 times. I have been given medication that really seems to do naff all each time which really puts me off going again as I wonder what can actually be done! As I say i have had it for 8 months now so its getting a bit worrying now. I will probably make another visit to a gp soon see what im given, but I mean what ways are there naturally to get rid of heartburn? My mum suggested eating plan rice for a few days see if it goes after that, is that worth a try? I have taken gaviscon but again that just does nothing whatsoever
meant to say plain rice not plan rice

Wendy answers:

It sounds like you could have acid reflux. Heartburn is one many symptoms of acid reflux and can cause a great deal of pain and inconvenience.

It could be a number of factors causing it but the most common heartburn trigger is food. What happens is certain foods cause your stomach to produce more acids and stomach contents as well as acids get pushed out of your lower esophageal sphincter (the valve between your stomach and esophagus) and back into your esophagus. These acids eat away at your esophagus causing irritation, heartburn, a sour taste in your mouth, etc. There are a number of symptoms.

I’ve attached a link that will give you symptoms of acid reflux, treatments, and how to prevent it. Specifically, read the causes of heartburn to see if you are doing or eating something that is triggering it.


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