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Your Questions About What Can I Eat To Get Rid Of Cramps

Robert asks…

what can and cant you eat while on your period o and how to get rid of cramps?

ok im 11 and ive heard that when on ur period you cant eat certain stuff or you have to eat this and that so i was just wondering what u cant eat wat u can eat or wat you should eat during ur period o and also how can i get rid of cramps my cramps arent that bad but they still hurt i wanna kno how to get rid of them when im at skool and on my period and i get cramps i dnt kno how to get rid of them can somebody pleaze help me o and i dnt wanna use pills so plz help!
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Wendy answers:

Aww! I know how you feel. I’m 14 and I have REALLY bad cramps too! They do hurt and you feel completely helpless right? I’ve learned that feeling bad for yourself doesn’t get you anywhere but just trying to relax and keep your mind of things helps. I reccomend a taking a nice hot bath with bubbles so you can’t see the blood(I know that’s gross) or laying down watching a good movie with a heating pad which helps a lot! Taking 2 advils helps if the pain is really bad. Just relax and try not to think about it. All girls go through it.

Some things I reccomend you DO NOT eat are:

No salty foodsbeacause salty foods!!! They make you retain water and give you that puffy, bloated feeling.

2.try to avoid sweets or sugary foods like chocolate or soda. Theyll totally mess up your hormones, ive heard.

3.for some women, dairy foods make them feel terrible during their periods. Im not sure if this occurs with you, but take caution.

Good luck and I hope I helped. 🙂

Lizzie asks…

How do I get rid of cramps??!! *girls only*?

im having horrible cramps due to my period, and i already took soo many ibuprofens. its not working soo idk what to dooo 🙁 the pain is unbearable i cant even stand. is there anything to eat that will help? i can go out and get heating pads because im in too much pain to get up.

also is it normal to break out DURING your period? or do you usually break out before, or after? thanks :]

Wendy answers:

I break out before. I would take midol. It’s an asprin designed specifically for menstrual releif.

Nancy asks…

what is best to eat/drink for women when they have their time of the month?

Like i know your not supposed to drink caffeine, but what is best? What can i eat/drink to help get rid of cramps? I took a midol, and the pain went away for a little while, but the pain is starting to come back. So what can i eat/drink that’ll help with the cramps, or whatevr.

Wendy answers:

Lots of water.

Steven asks…

how to get rid of period cramps?

im getting really really bad cramps and i cant get rid of them. ive been useing a hot waterbottle and it helps a little but not a ton. ibuprofin usually helps a little to but i dont want to take one because i only have one left in my bottle and my dad wont be home till noon. there so bad that i woke up at three in the morning doubled over in pain because of them. what can i do to help them stop? should i eat breakfast or should i skip it?

Wendy answers:

Eat breakfast! It’s very important and gives you the energy you need. It helps you through the day and also makes sure you’re not tired and also eases the pain a little too. Try and stay off sugar and salty foods and eat salad and vegetables. Have a warm bath and relax, curl up in bed in comfy PJ’s and try and get some sleep because once you wake up it’s nearly gone. Buy Feminax Ultra or Feminax Express too. Hope I helped!!! =)

Daniel asks…

What’s a good way to get rid of cramps?

I don’t want to know what medications will get rid of cramp pain.
I need to know if there’s anything I can drink or eat, is there some sort of heat compress I should use. Just to take the pain away as much as possible.

p.s i‘ve already taken advil

Wendy answers:

I put a link below to a site with some ideas for reducing cramps.

An orgasm can also relieve cramps for a few hours so masturbation is one trick your mother probably did not tell you about.

I hope this helps.

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