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Your Questions About Swallowing Toothpaste

Robert asks…

Can i make my own dog toothpaste? is swallowing a little bit of baking soda harmful to my dog?

i really don’t like the ingredients in all that petco etc. has on the shelf. Bones have not been working. Will appreciate any tips. Thanks.

Wendy answers:

The only reason you may have to use toothpaste on a dog is the same reason humans have too, their digestion is bad. Dogs are NOT designed to eat grains and the garbage they put in dog food you buy in stores. It is junk and terrible for dogs. It’s why they die young in their early teens and of some disease, just like humans are, instead of living out their full lives.

Plaque build up is a result of the lack of stomach acid. When dogs eat the grains like soy, etc., they develop bad digestion and become sick. If they were fed raw meat like their natural diet, they will live into their mid 20’s typically and be healthy til the day they die. They have a lot more HCL production than humans and are designed to be able to eat rotting meat with no problems, but NOT GRAINS.

No toothpaste would be required if you feed them the food they truly need and want.

Baking soda will neutralize the stomach acid and cause them to have even worse digestion. Not a good idea.

Good luck to you

Richard asks…

how do i stop my 2 year old from swallowing the toothpaste that im brushing her teeth with?

she just turned 2 and isnt talking yet and dont know how to teach her to spit instead of swallowing the toothpaste when theres too much, or is that normal for toddlers? and is it safe for them to do that everyime you brush their teeth?

Wendy answers:

Isn’t there a safe, fluoride-free one? I remember “Paperino’s”… It even had a toothbrush with a Donald Duck on it.
But I think a 2yo would love to ape Mummy spitting the toothpaste.
Brush your teeth at the same time as hers and spit. Make a lot of funny noises as you do this.
Hold a plastic glass under her and compliment her aim when she scores a hit, or remove the tap from the drain and do the same.

*Sigh* The things we take for granted, till we have kids…

Thomas asks…

Can you die/get ill from swallowing toothpaste foam ?

Well my dad started moaning about me brushing my teeth in my room saying that I shouldn’t be swallowing the toothpaste foam because “you’ll die maisie” LOL

Is this true :S

Wendy answers:

Hi Maisie.
Use unprocessed sea salt dissolved in water to clean your teeth.
It will help neutralise bad bacteria in your mouth while preserving the good bacteria. Also, it will get the mouth clean. You can also rub your teeth and gums with sage leaf (commonly available in herb gardens etc). You really will notice the difference.
I am sorry to tell you that toothpaste is a poison….furthermore the glycerine in toothpaste stops the natural mechanism of teeth re-mineralising throughout the day.

Betty asks…

What happens if you swallow toothpaste?

I can’t seem to help swallowing a little toothpaste while in the process of brushing. I don’t intentionally swallow it but it seems to creep down my throat. So if you swallow toothpaste, wouldn’t it dry up in your throat? I feel congested after I brush my teeth because of that.

Wendy answers:

Swallowing toothpaste can upset your stomach in large amounts but it is normal to have dry mouth after brushing because you are constantly spitting, so just drink water after a little bit after the process.

George asks…

Swallowing toothpaste and stomach ulcer?

what happens if you swallow all the toothpaste you use everytime u brush for about 4-5 months…can this cause a stomach ulcer becuz i have the symptoms and thats the only thing i can think of PLEASE help
im not eating it i just dont have time to brush my teeth at home i just need to know if im going to be okay

Wendy answers:

Sweetie tooth paste is a toxic flouride will kill you in high doses.

Why in the world are you eating it???????

I think you have ocd and need medication to control your compulsive behavior.


Edit: call the poison coontrol center ,, the number should be in back of the toothpaste bottle.

Ask them if you need medical assistance.

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