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Your Questions About Swallowing Stones

Joseph asks…

what is the summary of chapter 7 in the book swallowing stones?

Wendy answers:

Did you read the book at all or are you asking for a shortcut?

Ruth asks…

Where can i find notes for a quiz on Swallowing Stones By Joyce McDonald other than Spark notes?


Wendy answers:


Mark asks…

how much time passed from the begining till the end of the book swallowing stones?

Wendy answers:

About 3 months

Michael asks…

Swallowing Stones. What are the stones he must swallow.?

What are the stones that Michael must swallow? Discuss what stones he must swallow in the future. (after reading the entire book)

Wendy answers:

Maybe this would help

Mary asks…

why is my dog eating (swallowing) stones?

when he goes outside he swallows large stones. He always passes them but are afraid some day he wont and it will cause problems

Wendy answers:

I’m sorry I have no idea why a dog does this but it is VERY DANGEROUS!!! The dog may not pass it & it will get lodged in his intestines or his stomach and cause a blockage where a surgery will be nessecary to remove, if not then death may occur. If the dog is getting the rocks from your yard & it is possible I’d clean them up!!! I can’t see how you can say he ALWAYS passes them. Good luck to you and your dog!!!!

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