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Your Questions About Swallowing Stones

George asks…

what does the phrase “swallowing stones” mean?

it’s a metaphor
and i need to now what the title
of the book “swallowing stones” means

Wendy answers:

Well, from the words swallowing stones I’d say that it’s a metaphor about doing something for no gain. When you swallow stones, you gain no sustenance from it, you’re filling your stomach, but it doesn’t do you any good.

William asks…

Where can I read the book swallowing stones online 4 free?

I really need to reed this book

Wendy answers:

It’s a recent book, so it is under copyright protection. Unless the author puts it online somewhere for free, you are probably out of luck.

Sites that scan copyrighted books and make them available with no payment to the author are inconsiderate to the author, and they’re illegal. You would not want that to happen to your books.

Sandra asks…

I need to find a website that explaines what happened in my “Swallowing Stones” book ch. 12 to 17?

Sparknotes, bookrags, and cliffnotes does not have this book so please tell me different sources to find this book from!

Wendy answers:

Don’t know if you can access this on line, but everything that happens there is explained in chapters 12 to 17 in the book “Swallowing Stones” by Joyce McDonald. The book begins with a free and joyful act–but from then on, Michael finds it impossible even to remember what it felt like to be free and joyful. When he fires his new rifle into the air on his seventeenth birthday, he never imagines that the bullet will end up killing someone. But a mile away, a man is killed by that bullet as he innocently repairs his roof. And Michael keeps desperately silent while he watches his world crumble. Meanwhile Jenna, the dead man’s daughter, copes with desperation of her own. Through her grief, she tries to understand why she no longer feels comfortable with her boyfriend and why a near stranger named Michael keeps appearing in her dreams.

Suspenseful and powerfully moving, this is the unforgettable story of an accidental crime and its haunting web of repercussions.

You should read it!

Carol asks…

i needa book that is comparible to Swallowing Stones By: joyce mcdonald. ?

i have recently read a book called swallowing stones and i liked it. if you have ever read it and know of a know of a book that is comparible to it, or if you just kow of a good book, please tell me. thx. i dont normally read but here recently i love it. i need more books though. so plz suggest something to me.

Wendy answers:

Eve Bunting’s Such Nice Kids (Houghton, 1990)
Robert Cormier’s We All Fall Down (Delacorte, 1991).

Sharon asks…

Where can i find the Publication city and Piblisher Of Swallowing Stones without having to go buy the book?

I read it when i was in high school and I remember it very will it was one of the books I really like but now I am in college and i use the book in my paper now I cant find the citetion info for it

Wendy answers: or

Or just Google the book and the publishing co. Should come up.

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