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Your Questions About Swallowing Problems

Sandra asks…

Do you have problems swallowing pills?

What is the nature of the problem? How do you handle the situation? Do you still have the problem?

I started having horrible throat spasm, when I try swallow pills. I was wondering how common this problem is.

Wendy answers:

It`s a very common problem. But your attitude changes if you get seriously ill, and have to take 6 or upwards pills every day of your life thereafter.

So then you know you have to take them – one way or another.
In truth, you soon get used to it. Roll them to the back of your throat – take a good swig of whatever drink (hot or cold) hold your head back and swallow. Sometimes they will get stuck in your throat, but a second sip will soon send them down.
If you let some pills rest too long in the back of yr throat tho, the taste is vile.

Maria asks…

What types of sicknesses and problems could I get from swallowing raw eggs ad how can I prevent them?

I’m starting to work out a little bit just for fun. And part of the diet is to swallow six raw eggs a day and drink plenty of milk.

How can I prevent getting sick and other problems?

Wendy answers:

You can get salmonella which is no joke. Just cook the eggs. The whole point of eating eggs is for protein and you don’t lose any of the protein by cooking them so there is absolutely no reason to eat raw eggs.

Steven asks…

i have problems swallowing pills, i didnt used to?

Everytime i try to swallow cold medication or advil or something i just cant do it. i had that problem when i was younger but i got over it. now its back again and i cant swallow pills. any advice?

Wendy answers:

Try breaking them in half or in quarters.
You can buy a cheap pill splitter at the Pharmacy.

I also found using milk to swallow the tablets instead of water for some reason helps them go down very much easier.
It may be because the milk is thicker and coats the throat when swallowing the pills so makes them go down easier.

I A:WAYS use milk for large pills I can not break because they are slow realize or similar and never had any trouble getting them down with milk.
Water for smaller pills and tablets is fine at times, but as soon as they start not going down right, I use the milk and their gone.

Paul asks…

whats the best food or drink to mix culturelle with without tasting the taste cause i have problems swallowing?

pills. I just got it today and opened the capsule and sprinkled it all in my mouth and i didnt like the taste so i rather mix it with food or drink

Wendy answers:

Put it in koolaid…or try noodles(oodles of noddles)

James asks…

Anyone have problems with excessive swallowing due to anxiety?

If I have to read or speak in public, I suddenly cannot control my swallowing. I will swallow involuntarily in the middle of a sentence and it causes me extreme distress. I have a lot of anxiety issues with this. Has anyone else experienced this or am I a total freak?

Wendy answers:

No, it’s a natural reaction to stress. Your eyes dilate, your saliva glands start working overtime, you start to breathe faster and your mouth and nose start to take in more oxygen making your mouth water and causes your throat expand and contract, making you swallow. Do you take any medicine for your anxiety? I take clonazepam for my panic attacks, but mine are bad. I totally shut down mentally and start to cry uncontrollably. All I can say is take deep cleansing breathes and mentally do something like count from 10 to 1 in your head and calm down in your head. And keep a glass of water near you when you speak. It can give you a pause to control your breathing and swallowing, even if your not drinking it, just bring it to your mouth like your drinking and it’s a pause that gives a moment to calm down. Cool, huh?

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