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Your Questions About Swallowing Cinnamon

George asks…

can you chew cinnamon sticks and swallow them?

Is it OK to swallow chewed up cinnamon sticks?

Wendy answers:

Yes it should be fine but remmember excess of everything is bad.

Charles asks…

What are some good dares similar to the cinnamon challenge and the sprite and bananas challenge?

I want to do a really good dare but I cant think of anymore. For those of you who dont know what the cinnamon challenge is, it is where you try to swallow a spoonfull of cinnamon. The sprite and bananas challenge is where you try and eat 2 bananas & drink 2 sprites without throwing up. Any ideas of something similar to those? Please share 🙂

Wendy answers:

The gallon challenge. It is disgusting because it’s nearly impossible to keep from throwing up. You have to drink a gallon of milk and keep it down for an hour. The closest we got was forty five minutes. But everyone out of like ten people threw up. It’s really gross though.

The salt and ice challenge. You pour salt all over your hand and clench an ice cube for two minutes. This is also almost impossible.

Those are the only two i can think of right now!

Maria asks…

What Happens When You Swallow a Tablespoon Cinnamon?

does it make you choke, not be able to breathe or something?

Wendy answers:

Haha the cinnamon challenge. My brother and are friends tried that. It is soo hard. I couldn’t do it. When you try to swallow it your throat kinda closes up and doesn’t want to let you swallow it. I coughed it up and some did everyone else who tried doing it. I would recommend trying it cuz its really funny. Then have your friends try it. I know this sounds like toucher but it actually is wicked funny when you can kinda breath again. Then you see your friends try it and laugh.. But be careful it is quite dangerous!!

Sharon asks…

What happens when you try and swallow a spoonful of cinnamon?

Why is this impossible?

Wendy answers:


You would choke,it would be the same thing if you tried to swallow a spoonful of pepper,both of these would taste hot and spicy and make you choke!

Sandra asks…

Why is the cinnamon challenge so hard?

I just don’t get why it’s so difficult to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon, can someone please explain?

Wendy answers:

Saliva has several functions, but one of them is lubricating your mouth and throat so that the foods you eat will be easy to swallow.

Because cinnamon is powder, very fine powder, it absorbs just about every drop of liquid in your mouth, making it impossible to swallow, at least without water or other liquids. It also tastes horrible, gives you kind of a burning sensation.

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