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Your Questions About Swallowing Cinnamon

Robert asks…

What makes the cinnamon challenge so difficult?

I heard that it’s impossible to swallow cinnamon or something? Is this true? And I also heard people can die choking on it is THIS true?
Oh and for those who don’t know, the cinnamon challenge is some wacky ass test where you put a whole table spoon of cinnamon in your mouth and try and hold it there for 10 seconds or something

Wendy answers:

If your talking about powdered cinnamon it is very dry and it does not soak up moisture of your mouth. You need to be able to get foods moist to swallow them…

Ruth asks…

Risks of doing Cinnamon Challenge (swallowing teaspoon of Cinnamon powder.)?

I’m considering on trying this, and I have a bad throat.

Wendy answers:

What’s the worst that can happen? You’re throat dries out and you possibly die, all over a silly little challenge. Pssshhhhhh if it means putting your life at risk to impress your friends, then I guess it’s worth it.

Sandy asks…

How long do we have to swallow the cinnamon at the cinnamon challenge?

Wendy answers:

On Minute. Youtube videos

Mandy asks…

Why can’t a human swallow a spoonful of cinnamon?

I’ve been watching youtube videos of people trying to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon. They keep choking and throwing up. Why do they have trouble doing it?

Wendy answers:

Cinnamon is too powdery; it stick to your throat, making it very difficult to swallow. It’s similar to a spoonful of powdered sugar…try it (not as bad as cinnamon, but you’ll get the idea)!

Richard asks…

what happens if you eat a teaspoon of cinnamon?

i saw the cinnamon challenge on comedy central and i tried it…i had a teaspoon of cinnamon and swallowed it. i spit most of it out. some hen in my nose. i started spitting it up and sticking paper towels down my throat and spit some up. now my throat hurts and i can barley talk, i still feel like theres cinnamon in my throat and nose. what else should i do?

Wendy answers:

That and cocoa powder can actually kill you. An old kitchen manager of mine used to dare people to do it and it really freaked me out. Once you start choking on the powder, which is inevitable, you normally start inhaling/exhaling really harshly as you choke. Doing this can cause that fine powder to go into your lungs and you can die from it. I’m happy you’re still here but please don’t do it again 🙁

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