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Your Questions About Swallow The Sun

William asks…

Who does the female vocals on the Swallow the Sun song “Lights on the Lake (Horror pt. III)”?

Is it someone from another band or is it just a random singer? Anybody know?

Wendy answers:

Her name is Aleah and she is in another band (Trees Of Eternity) together with one of the guitarists of Swallow The Sun.

Thomas asks…

What are the lyrics to Swallow the Sun’s song “Out of this Gloomy Light”?

I’ve been looking everywhere for these but I can’t seem to find them. The song is from their first album entitled “The Morning Never Came. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Wendy answers:

“out of this gloomy night
…now i’m a grey old ghost,
weeping in the winter trees…”

I couldn’t find any more. I never heard of them but I just listened to this song and I think they’re very good.

Ken asks…

Is Mikko Kotamäki, lead singer of “Swallow the Sun” a satanist?

I’m not a christian who worried about it, I’m just curious. He’s been in a few black metal bands that have written about satanism and has a tattoo of the baphomet pentagram on his chest (this doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a satanist). I don’t have a problem with it if he is, I’m just wondering.

Wendy answers:

I doubt it. Black metal has nothing to do with Satanism. The only musicians who are actual admitted Satanists are King Diamond, the band Acheron, Cult of Azazel, Electric Hellfire club, Alkiline Trio, Marc Almond, David Vincent of Morbid Angel, Ulver and Marilyn Manson

John asks…

Is it possible for the black whole to swallow the sun by December 21,2012?

Is it possible at all

Wendy answers:


And a black hole swallowing the Sun was NOT part of the original Big 2012 Hoax.

(a hoax is a lie, told by people who know it is a lie, for the purpose of fooling other people).

The Big 2012 Hoax was created during the summer of 2003. At the time, the only black hole involved was the one at the centre of the Galaxy, which was supposed to line up with the Sun (impossible) and cause deadly rays to… Do something to us (the original hoaxers never bothered to explain how).

The idea of a black hole appearing out of nowhere and swallowing the Sun at the same time as the rest of the calamities is a very recent addition by mere amateur hoaxers who want to participate in the Big 2012 Hoax.

The Big 2012 Hoax is so popular (mostly because of Roland’s movie “2012” and because of the Hysteric Channel’s fake documentaries) that more and more hoaxers are trying to add their own twist to it.

(Normally, a dozen independent “ends-of-the-world” are invented every year; however, because of the popularity of the Big 2012 Hoax, a lot of these mini-charlatans are simply using the Big 2012 Hoax instead of making up their own lies)

The beauty of hoaxes is that you can pile on as many as you want, the total is still “false”. It is like adding zeros. You can add a million zeros, the total will still be zero.

There is no black hole close enough to be here in time.

The closest suspected black hole is 1600 light-years away and… It is not even coming this way.

Ruth asks…

What things would you do if you found out that the sun was going to swallow up the earth & it would burn?

What things would you do if you turned on the news and there was breaking news on about the sun is pulling the earth in it’s orbit and the whole earth would be swallowed up by the sun and it would BURN AND FRY forever?
I would enjoying the frying.

Wendy answers:

We already know it is going to happen.
In about 5 billion years.
Stick around and enjoy the frying.

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