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Your Questions About I Think I Have Acid Reflux

Donna asks…

i am a teen (14) an i think i have acid reflux disease?

i have searched the internet but it just pulls a bunch of crap and i cant find the symptoms btw i am a male can any1 help ??????????????

Wendy answers:

I have it too, and im 16.
A lot of people say to take tums as a temporary fix, but, although it will relieve the burning sensation temporarily, it worsens the problem as time goes on. I know it’s tough, but all you can really do is cut back on red meat, and especially red sauce or any acidic food. (i don’t usually drink orange juice either unless it’s low acid orange juice.) and i take pills called “acid-ease.” it is an all-natural pill that doesnt do any damage like tums will. Plus, it works.(: so i’d say you should tell your parent/guardian about the problem and see if they can get you some natural, over the counter stuff to help it. Hope i helped(:

Helen asks…

doctors still think i have acid reflux even though they see it?

had a scope done doctors said my muscles tightened up and that my stop has scratches but should be ok
but they are cofident i had acid reflux

Wendy answers:

Did they really see your lower esophageal reflux? It is most often the cause of acid reflux. Read more about acid reflux at

Chris asks…

i think i have acid reflux instead of ibs?

i think i have acid reflex instead of ibs my doctor told me ibs but i feel more like the ppl with acid reflex do i have every symptom of acid reflux not ibs..and umm i was wondering this may sound wierd but can you become tighter down there and can it hurt to have sex with acid feels like he is in my bladder and it just started to happing when i got diagnosed with ibs..but i know it isnt what should i tell the doctor to do scence i dont think its ibs and i think its acid reflux???..please help me..

Wendy answers:

Ask your doc to check and see if you could be vitamin B12 deficient. This is more common in women and one of the symtoms mimmicks ibs (sorry for the mispellings…tired).Regular vitamins may not help as when this happens the body won’t absorb them correctly. It’s worth getting checked.Might be an easy fix.

Donald asks…

Acid Reflux or H.Pylori? WHat do you think?

I went to the doctor for chest pain, heartburn, heart flutters, and stomach issues. The doctor thinks i have Acid Reflux. He put me on Protonix which didn’t seem to help. So this past week i switched to Nexium which seems to be helping alot! I still have a very very mild chest pain. He also believes i could have the H. Pylori Bacterium. He tested my heart and all is normal. THe pains could be causing me to have anxiety since its near my heart. I also feel naseated sometimes and a year ago i had vertigo for unknown reasons that lasted a month and a half. He said i could have this bacterium for years and noother doctor has realized it. So i‘m waiting on results. What do you thinK?

Wendy answers:

The heartburn, chest pain and stomach issues could all be related to Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or H. Pylori infection. Nausea and Acid Reflux do go together as to the vertigo that one I have not heard it tied to Reflux or H. Pylori infection. Please let me know if this is the case as I would like to know. I did find the symptoms for H. Pylori infection at the Mayo Clinic some you didn’t mention so you might not have it.

Yet the heart flutter that would get me concerned. Wait for the results and see you can afford a second opinion I found that in the long run.

On my side I get every other year GERD and then it flares up causing bloating, heartburn, and lots of gas. I have Panic Attacks so I always thinks it’s a heart attack yet they calm me down. So I take Nexium does help however they can’t seem to stop this funny feeling I get on the left side of chest around the side it “gurgles”.

I left a link down to Mayo Clinic as to the H. Pylori infection and the other link is about GERD.

I do hope things work out.

UPDATE: Questions as to one other symptom not seen do you any “Constipation” at all?

Carol asks…

I think I may have an acid reflux?

For the past few months my breath smells really weird, but I know it’s not bad breath because people with bad breath aren’t usually able to smell their own breath and only I notice it. I keep asking people if my breath smells bad but they all say that they can’t smell anything.
Another reason I think that it may be an acid reflux is that I‘m bulimic and have been for the past two years.
How often must you purge to get an acid reflux?
Even when I stopped throwing up for a couple of months I still had dodgy breath.
How long does an acid reflux last/can it be cured?

Wendy answers:

One of the following will ease the effects of acid reflux but you really need to see your Doctor because acid reflux can be a lifetime illness.

Prilosec, Prevacid, Aciphex, Protonix, Nexium, Zegerid.

You can read a lot more about it here.

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