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Chris asks…

Can eating a raw lemon every now and then hurt you?

I know a lot of people think it’s gross but I like them… I usually eat only half of one though, and maybe once or twice (tops) a week. Will this little of lemon hurt my enamel? I always brush after, and I take really good care of my teeth. And would a lemon have any more citrus acid than an orange?

Wendy answers:

Yes it will hurt u, u could get acid reflux, that is when u vomit/ throw up acidic stuff and ur tummy feels awful i had that once, i use tums and peptobismal, so you should stop eating lemons that often

Mandy asks…

How to get rid of really bad canker sores in the mouth?

My sister has about 5-8 canker sores, and she says that it hurts very bad, she cant eat, and cant brush her teeth, tonight she just did, and it started to bleed, plz help. How do i get her canker sores away, and how do i get her to just stay calm down and stop crying?

Wendy answers:

To help heal the canker sores swish around 2 parts water to 1 part hydrogen peroxide, they probably will stop hurting instantly. Extra bactaria in the mouth cause canker sores and sometimes it can be from acid reflux, good luck.

John asks…

What’s the difference between acid reflux and GERD and what’s the difference in treatments?

I’m 15, and a girl-acid reflux runs in my family, my grandmother had surgery on her stomach to fix it and my moms is present but not all that bad and is cured with tums. I’ve been experiencing problems since 7th grade and at first it was rare then it became a regular thing, I changed my diet and avoided the acidic foods, and tried every over the counter thing they had on the market, but slowly everything stopped working. I was put on 20mg of acid reflux medicine it starts with “panta” I don’t know the name by heart, anyways it helped but I could still feel the burning in my throat and the stomach pain and cramping, I told my doctor all of this so now I take 40mg a night and it seemed to be working but now it’s not, I took my meds last night and ate afterwards which I normally don’t do and it was just Mac and cheese which never upsets my acid reflux it’s usually things containing tomatoes or something with lots of salt, but I woke up with it bad! I took maylox which usually helps a lot and it did nothing, I was nauseous all day and just felt like I was going to be sick. I’m seeing a gastro doctor next week but I’m really nervous, the doctors know I’ve experience feeling full fast, loss of appetite-because of which I’ve lost 10 pounds in a month or so, nausea, stomach pain/cramping, i was in the ER for gallbladder problems and they took blood and my blood count is completely normal an so is my pancreas and liver, the ultrasound showed nothing either-and they said they’ll most likely perform an endoscopy, I got some answers to a question before and people said maybe GERD? What’s the difference between these? How‘s the treatment different for the both of them? Thanks!

Wendy answers:

GERD and acid reflux is the same thing. Sorry to say.

I don’t know much about the disease, but I know that there’s a ‘muscle’ that closes up the stomach to prevent fluids in the stomach to make its way up in the your esophagus. You mentioned your grandmother being operated, if that helped, it sounds to me like that muscle is your problem.

My uncle is a drunk. He got cancer from drinking too much and had his stomach operated on. The upper part of his stomach was removed and now he has acid reflux badly. He can never lie down and sleep again, it would badly etch his esophagus.

Other than what I told you, the only real advise I can give you is to not lie down flat when you sleep. Get something that lifts your upper body, some beds can do it. If your esophagus is above the level of your stomach, fluids won’t go there.

One last thing.. Mac and Cheese… No go with acid reflux. You don’t generally shouldn’t eat fat unhealthy food, it makes your stomach react.

Daniel asks…

How to make acid reflux go away?

I’ve been taking prilosec for about 4 days now. But I’m having bad acid reflux and I can’t fall asleep. I’ve been sitting up for a while and it hasn’t stopped. Is there anything I can do to make it go away for now ?

Wendy answers:

I HATE it when I get that, so I feel your pain. These techniques are what I use and they help me personally, you could try them 🙂

Lots of water! I drink up to 10 glasses a day when I have acid reflux and it helps me.
Tums, oh thank goodness for tums! They will help trust me!

Hope this helps!

Susan asks…

How do I stop throwing up in the morning from acid reflux?

For the past 2 years I’ve been throwing up every other morning.

I’m never sick on weekends or vacation. I only get sick when school comes around (I get up at 6am) .

I’ve had numerous X-rays and Ultrasounds over the past while, the hospital found a stomach disease from the results last year when I was sick. I’ve been tested for ovarian cysts, but nothing came out.

I eventually got over the ovary pain, however the throwing up every morning didn’t leave.

I get a queasy feeling in my stomach (not my esophahus) I’m starting to doubt it’s acid reflux, though i do suffer from heartburn maybe once or twice a year.

can anyone tell me what’s wrong and how i can fix this?

Wendy answers:

Put a couple pieces of 2×4 blocks of wood under the legs at the head of your bed so you’ll be sleeping on a bit of a downward angle. You won’t notice much of a change but it will prevent any acid from running up your esophagus causing you discomfort and hopefully stop the puking. I get bad heart burn at times and i tried meds and change of diet then a buddy told me to try the 2×4 approach and it has not bothered me for years. Try it, it might help or not but it’s a cheap option and it did work for me.

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