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Your Questions About How To Get Rid Of Acid Reflux

Mary asks…

How do you get the taste of acid reflux out of your throat / mouth?

I am beginning to experience acid reflx. I have a doctor’s appointment coming up. But, in the meantime, how do I get rid of the horrible after-tast that is left in my mounth (throat) after an episode? I have tried milk, crackers, soda, and even Pepto Bismol, but nothing is working. Help please!

Wendy answers:

Try baking soda and water or 7-up.

Helen asks…

Heartburn or acid reflux when I lay down for bed?

I’m 7 weeks and a few days along, so early into my third pregnancy. I eat dinner at around 6pm, have a snack like a bowl of cereal at around 9, and am in bed by 11. Come bedtime, I start getting pretty bad heartburn and this very unpleasant acidic feeling in my throat. Does anyone have any tips on how to get rid of this? My morning sickness is bad enough :p

Wendy answers:

My doctor told me to keep tums on my bedside. It really helps.

Sandra asks…

How can i clear out the acid from pepsi?

I forgot it gave me a bad acid reflux, so i need to get rid of this, out of my system as soon as possible! like not just like tums or anything. any remedies?

Wendy answers:

Drink lots of water so that you have you have to go pee. Then go do your business.

Mark asks…

Help asap! I just woke up w/ severe acid burning in my throat, just below where the adam apple is on a guy.?

I have horrible burning & need to get back to bed. How do I get rid of this acid burning feeling? I hate this……….it is burning! I took rolaid, drank milk, still burning. I am on acid reflux medication. Please help……..than you.

Wendy answers:

Could possibly a nasty case of heart burn, or something more serious. I have heartburn alot & that’s usually where it starts in my throat. I take antacids & it helps sometimes, but not always. Try drinking baking soda and water, just a little bit of baking soda not alot, it helps for me when I have bad heartburn.

Susan asks…

How do you get acid reflux!? ?

And is it bad if you get it a lot? How to get rid of it and prevent it?

Wendy answers:

Acid reflux is caused by an unhealthy digestive system and if you sort that out then the reflux will disappear.

There are foods that are known to trigger reflux, avoiding these foods will definitely help you, the foods include:
– fatty or fried foods
– carbonated drinks
– tomatoes
– citrus
– alcohol

Another thing to try is a water fast for two or three days, this gives your body a chance to rid itself of at least some of the toxins that have built up in your body. I would suggest that you do this every month, you might feel pretty sick with flu-like symptoms after the first couple of times (this is your body expelling toxins) and after that you will feel amazing

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    Your Questions About How To Get Rid Of Acid Reflux

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