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Your Questions About How To Get Rid Of Acid Reflux

Susan asks…

Acid Reflux?

How to I get rid of Acid Reflux?

Wendy answers:

Have you been diagnosed with acid reflux? I have had that disesase since the age of 12, and I tell you, its nasty. There are meds that can get perscribed to you by your doc, I forget what mine were called, it was a newer kind and i havent taken any for months now because i am 35 wks prego, but meds usually help. If you dont have a prescription try Zantac its pretty good at the beginning, but then your body gets immune to it and it doesnt work anymore. Also eating smaller more frequent meals, along with a low acidic diet helps. Lay off the caffiene it just causes more harm than good. OHHh i remember what that med was called now, it was Losec, worked like a charm.

Linda asks…

How can I get rid of my acid reflux/bad heartburn in the middle of the nigth so I can sleep?

I have tried Zantac, and Extra strength Tums, neither seem to work and at 2 or 3 am, I am up with bad heartburn. This has happened 2-3 times in the last month, twice with me getting up to sleep sitting up in the living room. I cannot go to the clinic until Dec 1st, as I just married a military member and the coverage does not start til then (however, an ER visit is covered). I can’t deal with this pain that long. Should I go to the ER?

Wendy answers:

My friend
one when you start to feel it put another pillow under your head this will give you some relief now look are your drinking coffee or what are you eating before bedtime think about that
now during the day go buy bakeing soda apple cider vineger and surgar total cost maybe 5 bucks last you a month
now be fore you go to bed fill a glass with water ad the bakeing soda o the water add the sugar last ad the vineager stir it it will fuzz drink it down while its fuzzing do this before you go to bed
now its all natural and has help folks for about 100 years
what it will do is calm the acid in your stomach and maybe even solve part of the problem
look you could have problems you dont know about find a free clinic and go tell them its nightly
Im guessing if you do what i say water sugar baking soda than a teaspoon of vineger stir drink quickly and tada a good nites rest

Sandra asks…

How do i get rid of Heartburn or acid reflux Fast?

I have this terrible feeling in my heart, and it moves up to my throat slowly, once each minute. I have to grab my chest, and then breathe slowly, but it keeps coming back, and I just need to lay down and sleep!! Except when I lay down I can feel liquid creep up my throat and burn. Its really bad!!!!!!!!!I thought I was gonna stop breathing.
I took 2 malox tablets, about 20 min. ago, and I DONT have the time for them to start working, and I cant go to the store.Also, I’ve never had this happen before, and I’m 15.

HURRY!!!I feel like I’m dying!!!!!!!

Wendy answers:

You need zantac, and sleeping is going to be hard, it will be fine if you are not laying down. Try using a lot of pellows to elevate your head. Do NOT drink soda or any acidic drinks. Go to doctor. I had it too, but not that bad. I took zantac for a week or 2 and it was gone. Drink alot of milk that is the opposite of acid, if worse comes to worse, drink a very little bit of bleach, but very little of it.

Mark asks…

how can i smoke weed with acid reflux?

i started smoking weed last year. i smoked a couple of times on the weekend but nothing serious. as i started smoking more and more i would notice feeling kind of wierd, my throat would get kind of tight and i would feel the need to burp. usualy after i burp i would feel fine. after a while tho i got extremly sick from smoking and quit for about 4 monthes and did not relize it was acid reflux making me feel like shit for these 4 monthes. i continued smoking again but whenever i would my throat would get really tight, depending on how high i was and how much i would smoke. i would feel like shit a couple of days after, feel really nasuated. i started eating edibles alot and almost completly quit smoking. this seemed to help my acid reflux. i am now eating healthy and exersizing alot trying to see if i can get rid of this acid reflux problem. If anyone could help with tips or just simaler expierences on acid reflux please help. i just want to be able to smoke normaly like everyone else without worry. more thing to add. it seems like cannabis helps my acid reflux when i use it and dont eat hella munchiez and junk food that can irratate it but the smoking itself counters that. i think it helps alot with stomach pains and nausea. and ive tried vaporizing wich helps but they are very expensive and bulky. thank you

Wendy answers:

I dont endrstnd hoe weed has acid reflux.

Mary asks…


Sometimes i can’t sleep at all because i’m hungry and my stomach keeps growling. And when i eat something, even one piece of cracker, i get that acid feeling, or nausea in my stomach and i have to sit up about an hour until i can go to bed. I really need help ASAP since i’m going back to school at Monday, and i don’t want to go to sleep at 12 in the midnight every night. Plz help, and tell me things i can eat without getting this acid feeling…AND wouldn’t make me hungry after that.

Wendy answers:

I get that sometimes. This is a quick fix – don’t do it every day. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda (not baking powder) into about 10 ounces of water. The key is to mix it very well. If you don’t nothing will happen. Drink that down and it puts out the fire right now. Tastes bad, but really works. Other than that, you could try tablet type antacids with Ranitidine in them. That works all day or night.

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    Your Questions About How To Get Rid Of Acid Reflux

    Your Questions About How To Get Rid Of Acid Reflux