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John asks…

Does Similac Alimentum cause stomach/gas problems for babies when they start on solid foods?

My daughter is 5 months old and has been on Alimentum since 6 weeks old. She had blood in her stools and her stools were like water so they switched her from the regular Similac to Isomil Advance to Sensitive formula and none of them helped. She was still fussy with blood in her stools. When we switched her to Alimentum her problem stopped. Now that she’s pretty much old enough to try solids I started her on bananas, apple sauce and green beans. Every time I feed her she screams all night and has bad gas… no matter what I feel her. Could this be because the Alimentum is more broken down and her body isn’t used to breaking the food down and the solids are “overwhelming” her stomach or would it just be a gas problem? When she eats solids and starts screaming I give her gas drops and she passes the gas then goes to bed. I don’t want her to be dependent on the drops and I can’t afford it. Please help? P.S. she is on Prevacid for acid reflux…. problem?

Wendy answers:

Sounds like she does not have a well established stomach flora.

In the stomach there are good bacteria, they get there via nursing and some via birth… With formula they miss out on lots of them so it is harder for them to become well established. They are the first line of the immune system, this is why studies show that forula fed babies are sick more often.

You could try some good probiotics, from the healthfood store, these will be stored in the fridge and cost $20-$40. Try them for a week or two, then try solids again.

Nancy asks…

Help! Its hard to swallow food!?

Its started yesterday a little bit on Thursday, when i ate chickfla, chicken the first few bits were ok then on the last bite i ate it but there was still particles in my mouth i couldn’t swallow done so i took some of my juice to swallow then it went down. I started panicking like whoa what happened there so i tried to eat again but it happened again so i stopped. Then the next day i ate my french toast fine weird because it seems to happen to certain food? Then in for lunch i ate the leftover chickfla but started to get that feeling. Do you think it happens with certain foods? I have acid reflux and i have some what of panic attacks sometimes. Also my mom is a nurse so she thinks its celiac disease or cancer? She is going to take me to a GI doctor, but i don’t want a tube down my throat :(. And i need help because i keep thinking of this a panicking and im so hungry but when i eat its hard to swallow on the little tiny bits of the food! Also i swallow liquids fine. The swallowing doesnt hurt its just hard.

Wendy answers:

This doesn’t sound like Celiac Disease or Cancer. I think you’re panicking and it sounds like you have anxiety. For every bite, chew 7 times and count to 10 between bites.

Donna asks…

I’m having stomach/chest/throat burning. What can I do to stop it?

Hello, I have been having some pesky pains over the last week in my stomach, chest, and throat (it moves around). I am wondering if there is any type of medicine or anything that I could take, or even just eat a certain kind of food to prevent it.

Anyways, it feels a lot like acid reflux, except without the reflux part of it. In other words, i never “burp” up the nasty tasting fluid. Instead, it stays majority of the time in my stomach, with the occassional burn in my throat/chest as well.

Again, I’ve been feeling for about a week now, and the pain ranges anywhere from just not feeling good to having to squirm to get the burning away.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

Wendy answers:

It is a sour stomach and sounds like indigestion mixed with it….take some Imodiom AD or some sort of gas relief medication.

Donald asks…

Why is my 4 month old doing this?

I asked this a couple days ago and got the reply “Growth spurt.” a lot… Well, I didn’t think it was that. Ever since we started him on rice cereal mixed with baby food, he’s been waking up every two hours at night to eat. He WAS sleeping all night. Everyone told me it was a coincidence. Well, I stopped giving him baby food for 3 days and just gave him bottles and voila… He slept all night. I gave him baby food/rice cereal today and he’s been up every 2 hours to eat.

What’s going on?

PS: I was told to start him on cereal/certain baby foods cause he has acid reflux and it’s thicker.
I don’t personally feel that he needs cereal or baby food, yet.. but now that he’s got eating it down pat, my mom is persistent on giving it to him. She gets grouchy if I tell her I don’t want him to have it. I’m used to him spitting up all over me, he happens all day, ever day and if he’s happier just eating formula for now then so be it.
He only had it once today around 6:00 PM and he went to bed around 2 AM, which is a little late, but he slept a lot today. He usually goes to bed between 10 PM and 12 AM and sleeps at least until 7 AM for his first feeding and goes back to sleep.

Wendy answers:

Just because your doctor thought it would help his reflux doesn’t mean he is ready for solid foods. If he is waking like that after eating then IMO the food is obviously not agreeing with him. I think you already know the answer here, or you wouldn’t have taken out the solids. Give him some more time. The idea was to start solids to help control his stomach upset and reflux, it sounds like the solids have just given him another set of problems instead of a solution.

Betty asks…

Could I be pregnant? I have an 8 month old and I was breastfeeding still.?

Suddenly in a matter of 3 days my milk production stopped. I have been feeling g sick. I can’t eat anything without want to throw up. I use the bathroom a lot, I get acid reflux with the same foods I did when I was pregnant with my daughter. I will take a pregnancy test tomorrow. But are these some of the symptoms that maybe somebody got while breastfeeding and being pregnant?
I took a E.P.T. test in the morning as recommended and it was positive. Still in shock. Making doctors appt. to confirm. Thanks to those who responded.
I took a E.P.T. test in the morning as recommended and it was positive. Still in shock. Making doctors appt. to confirm. Thanks to those who responded.

Wendy answers:

Its a myth that you dont fall pregnant when you breastfeed. My sister gave birth to my nephew and three months later she was 5weeks pregnant with my second nephew due to believing that when you breastfeed you dont fall pregnant. Now she has two toddlers, very cute:) You sure sound pregnant to me

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