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Your Questions About Does The Shake Weight Work

Lizzie asks…

does the shake weight work ?

How many of you ppl think the shake weight works? the exercises machine for your arms. Do you know anybody who has it and what do they think? how fast does it work?

Wendy answers:

I own one and so far it is working well, it does get sorta hard to do and it really makes your muscles sore after a while but it shows results.

Linda asks…

Does the shake weight work for you? (females)?

I trying to get more upper body strength. I do lift dumb bells and I bench press some times but I’m still not satisfied I think i should be a lot stronger. And bench pressing gets me insanely sore. But lifting dumb bells no matter what Weight or how long i lift, I never get sore at all. no pain no gain. So i’m seriously thinking about the shake weight. But first i want to make sure it works good. And is it very hard or easy? does it get you very sore? Thanks!

Wendy answers:

Yep. It sits in the closet just fine.

Carol asks…

Does the Shake Weight work?

I use the shake weight every night, and i follow the exact instructions for 6 mintues, which apparently is equal to 42 minutes on dumbells, but nothing is changing in my muscles… does it rly work?

Wendy answers:

It’s a waste of time.

Maria asks…

does the Shake Weight work?

ive seen the commercial about it, and i really want to tone my arms, so i want to buy the shake weight. but before i do that, i want opinions from the users of it. so does it work? how fast?

Wendy answers:

Works great and fast
Gave it to my gf a d boy have my hjs been AMAZING

Charles asks…

Does the shake weight for girls really work?

Does the as seen on tv shake weight really work and if so what is the six min.a day work out routine for girls?

Wendy answers:

It works. These people probably never used it. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks and I’m noticing a change. My arms are more muscular and not as flabby. As long as you follow the routine, it’ll work. It comes with a DVD that shows you the routine.

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