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Your Questions About Canada

Sandra asks…

How does Canada manage to maintain such a low murder rate compared to America?

It’s really amazing – Canada‘s national murder rate is THREE times lower than the rate in the US.

How do they pull this off?

Are Canadian cops simply three times more competent than the cops in America, or what?

What can we learn from Canada when it comes to bringing down the murder rate? Why is America failing in this regard compared to Canada? Who is to blame, and how can we correct this crisis?

Wendy answers:

For starters fix your prison system
its the largest in the world and easily one of the most ineffective
too many people in prison for minor drug offences first off
second people go in for minor crimes, learn the tools of the trade from inmates, join gangs and then bring that to the outside world where they become better criminals and work in the same gangs they were a part of in prison

we also didnt have a huge slave population that suddenly were free and then not given any support and generations later they are still at a disadvantage and turn to crime to make up for that discrepancy

Ruth asks…

How badly is Canada affected by the financial crisis?

If the US goes under and the US Dollar starts to lose value, will Canada be there worst affected country since the US is the biggest trading partner?

Also, how much debt does Canada have compared to the US? I’ve read the Canada survived the great depression pretty well with only a dozen bank failures compared to over 600 on the US side, what do you think is the deal now?

Wendy answers:

Canada is much better off than the U.S. Because our banks did not get caught up in the mortgage meltdown that occurred in the US. How ever there is currently a global recession going on which Canada can not escape from. The US dollar will probably sell off making our exports to the US more expensive putting pressure on our economy.

Robert asks…

What do you think about Canada trying to get the US to change environmental laws so they can sell more oil?

The US currenlty refuses to buy oil from canada from any new sites. The US will only buy oil from old sites. But canada wants to drill in new sites, and they want the US to buy it. Canadian lobbyists are all over Washignton trying to get the law changed. What do you think of this. Why do you think the media does’t cover it. And do you think it’s okay for canada to do this because it’s canada. How would you feel if Americans did this?

Wendy answers:

Ok :T J , first of all we are NOT occupying Haiti, we don’t have anything to do with Haiti except that our governor general is from there. Also, we are not interested in “trashing” the U.S. . Why don’t you get your facts straight, you narrow-minded bigot.

In regards to the question, Canada is not imposing laws to sell more or less oil. I’m sure that if we did change the laws it wouldn’t matter.

Maria asks…

How Canada can prevent other provinces from leaving after Quebec separates?

The province of Quebec votes to seperate. Canada can not negotiate for Quebec to stay. How would you a prime minister restructure Canada to prevent other provinces from also leaving/declaring independence?

Wendy answers:

Quebec separating isn’t a likely outcome in the foreseeable future but if it was to leave then the govt would be powerless to prevent others leaving as its a democratic country and if the will of the people wants Independence, it will happen.

William asks…

How come Canada and the United States are the only two developed countries in the Americas?

There are 35 total countries in North, Central (including the Caribbean) and South America combined.

But only two (Canada and the U.S) are fully developed countries which are considered world leaders.

How come all the other 33 countries in the Americas are doing so poorly compared to Canada and the United States?

Wendy answers:

Cuz a lot of the other 33 are 3rd world countries. Yeah brazil has pretty good fanufacturing…in the middle of violent, unsanitary favelas. South America is just a fucking mess. The older traditions work ok on their own but when new shit that doesnt work comes in…makes a mess. And carlos slims(richest guy in the world) runs a business thats gonna be dead in 25 years. And the US and Canada arent even 250 years old

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