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Your Questions About Can Swallowing Make You Sick

Carol asks…

Can you get sick from swimming in very warm chlorinated water?

My sister sometimes gets Diahrrea, Nauseous, and gets Very Cold? It may be from very warm Chlorinated water. This happens overnight. It happened one other time when she was in a hot tub. We went swimming in a friends pool at a get-together yesterday. And she said she didn’t swallow any water. And my sister woke me up at 7am this morning. Does anybody have any idea on what it could be?

Wendy answers:

It has nothing to do with chlorine, more than likely other people who were in the pool with her are also suffering the same virus she now. In the US they do not have the same very strict health and safety rules in public spas and swimming pools as they do in most every country in the world. People in the US wear Tee Shirts and cotton shorts, underwear and clothes into public pools. When you go swimming you don’t know if the all clothes swimmers in the pool are wearing are clean or where they have been prior what was spat , spilled, wiped or if there clothes were used to clean and dry something that could cause an allergy to many other persons. Or if they are wearing clean underwear and when the last time the clothes they worn into the pool were washed. People in the pool can get hepatitis A from a person wearing dirty underwear or get a contagious skin rash that may be hidden under a tee shirt or many gastric viruses . If a person has Diarrhoea they should not swim in a pool for over two weeks as it will pass onto every one swimming in the pool. Your sister should be taken A.S.A.P to the doctor for treatment and have a blood test. She could be infected with hepatitis and pass it on to you and anyone she is in contact with. I wouldn’t be surprised if others who were at the pool aren’t seeing or being medically treated now.

Daniel asks…

Can my son get sick from eating his own booger?

He is three years old and I’ve seen him eat it a few times. I tried stopping it, but he swallowed it already.

Wendy answers:

I got sick just from reading the question!

Betty asks…

Can I get any diseases from swallowing water from a water ride?

Today I went to an amusement park and rode on one of the water rides. The water didn’t look very clean. Almost green, a little dark. Well, a lot of it splashed on my face and some of it might have went in my mouth and I could have swallowed some. I’m really worried. What’s the worst that can happen?

Wendy answers:

Well maybe something like diarrhea or cholera but if u try to take some medicine soOner you wont be sick at all
also those diseases above wont kill you if u go to dr soOn!!!!;)

David asks…

Can a woman get sick from swallowing a mans semen?

Can a female get sick from swallowing a males semen?

Wendy answers:

Any exchange of body fluids puts a person at risk for sexually transmitted diseases. Oral sex has lower risk than vaginal or anal sex but it is not totally free of risk.

Apart from those risks there is nothing in sperm that causes sickness. The taste is bitter in some men more than others and the warm, egg white texture might be nauseating to some women others I have known tell me that swallowing is their favorite sex act.

Maria asks…

How do you feel about being sick?

When you‘re sick how do you feel? Tell me in as much detail as possible.

Wendy answers:

I feel like curling up in a ball and dying. Well, as least that’s how I currently feel with a temperature of 104.6. All I could keep in my stomach today was one piece of bread. My throat is so sore that I can barely swallow my own spit, I can hear my heartbeat in my ears, my back and neck is stiff and sore, my nose is completely stuffed and raw from wiping it, when I talk I sound like a drowning boy who ate a cat, my eyes feel like they’re on fire, I get random muscle pain, I have no one here to take me to a doctor/hospital, don’t have the strength to walk very far, I can’t stop coughing, and I started off my day by waking up at 3AM with a fever of 103.8 and haven’t slept a wink since.

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