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Your Questions About Can Swallowing A Tooth Hurt You

Thomas asks…

why does the left side of my jaw hurt?

The left side of my jaw hurts…not agonizing pain, just discomforted. I am 25 weeks pregnant and i got sick nearly a week ago with the crud. Sore throat, coughing, congestion…At the beginning my throat hurt so bad, that i clinched my teeth pretty tight to have to swallow. As it started feeling better, I developed a cough, pretty forceful….mostly from all the drainage. I can cough so hard that i cause myself to vomit (trust me if i could control that….I WOULD! lol) and i threw up pretty forcefully at one point. Could that be causing the left side of my jaw to hurt? while i cant figure out why the right side isnt hurting. its a little painful (on the left) to clinch my teeth, cough and extend my mouth too far. even hurts a little into my left ear. Any ideas? is it just sore or should i be making a doctors appt?? Mind you, i have seen my ob/gyn since i am pregnant and i am on a z-pack…but my jaw didnt realllllllly start bothering me until today. to the point of me constantly noticing it.
Any advice?

Wendy answers:

This is probably an excellent time to see your dentist!

Chris asks…

HOw do i pull a tooth? and what would you do?

My daughter has this loose tooth (baby) and it so loose that she can‘t eat. she can hardly talk becuase its just hanging there. She’s really scared that she might swallow it, and so am i. She says it hurts a lot to wiggle it and it hurts more to eat. Once i tried to pull it but she said to go slowly, but i didnt because i know from experience that that hurts more. so i started to twist but she screamed and ran away, and now she wont let me close to her mouth. btw we have no relatives in this country…

when i try to tell her to pull it herself she says no and locks herself in the bathroom so i cant pull it out.

i can‘t pull it in her sleep because she sleeps with her mouth shut 🙂
btw i cant just leave it because its really bothering her

and i dont wanna spend money for a dentist when its a loose baby tooth plus shes terrified of the dentist/doctor
and she’s 9 so she won;t fall for the tooth fairy “let me see it” or the apple

she’s just scared its gonna hurt because it did when i twisted

were scared shell swallow it, so it has to be out before she’s asleep

and im telling you she WONT LET ME PULL IT OUT

Wendy answers:

Give her some ice to pace on the gum leave it there for a minute or so, than place a hanker chief around around your fingers and quickly twist and pull. Then apply a clean cloth to the wound for 10 minutes. Good luck

Mark asks…

sooo much pain.. lymph node, ear, tonsil, tooth, and jaw?

i go into work at 11am tomorrow. and im not sure which doctor i should visit first. the dentist or the reg. doctor.

it started about 5 days ago. my lymph node got swollen on the right side. towards the end of the day it got a little sore.

the next day my right tonsil swelled up.. and made it difficult to eat or swallow.. and towards the end of the day my right ear started to hurt pretty bad.

day 3, i woke up with my ear THROBBING, swollen lymph node and tonsil. (you maybe wondering why i didn’t go to the doctor, i don’t get paid till day 4, and im not elegable for insurance untill my first 90 days at work is up, which is in 2 months)

day 4, i woke up with blood in my drool on my pillow. checked my mouth and my wisdom tooth, on the right side, is flared and sore. and bleeds when i brush my teeth or eat. (ive never had any problems with my wisdom tooth and ive had them all for about 3-4 years now)

got paid at work today, but cant put the check into my account until tomorrow morning. i got sent home early from work, they told me to go to the doc before i go in tomorrow. i went home, slept for about 3 hours. then woke up with my entire lower right jaw throbbing, ear screaming in pain, sore neck, and sore throat. im going to the doctors tomorrow before work, but i don’t know which one i should walk in on first. does it sound like a dentist issue? or does it sound like a doctor issue?

has any one else experienced this before? my dad is giving me some of his hydrocodine to last me till i can go in. i don’t know what else to do.

Wendy answers:

Go see your internist. You seem to have a viral or bacterial infection that your immune system is fighting a losing battle with. Sounds like you are working up a case of tonsilitis.

You could go to your hospital emergency room tonight and get an antibiotic to start helping. The longer you wait to start treatment, the worse the involvement will be. Just tell them you get paid tomorrow and will take care of the bill then. Or give them a check tonight and cover it in the morning when you deposit your check.

Because of the pain you are experiencing, you were probably grinding your teeth in your sleep and loosened your wisdom tooth, maybe even the molars next to it. If they continue to bother you after you get the infection resolved in your throat, talk to your dentist about a bite guard.


Helen asks…

White lump on bottom gum?

Hey guys, I’m a little worried that this white lump on my gum might be something that should be looked at right away by a dentist. The lump is about 0.7cm long and starts from my tooth to the bottom of the gum. There is no pain unless i apply pressure, only a slight irritance when I’m thinking about it. I’ve had it for 2 days and contemplating whether to see a dentist.

Background info: I havn’t grown any wisdom teeth. Doesn’t hurt to eat food.I had tonisillitus about 2 weeks ago and was taking keflex cephalexin capsules BP. The tonsillitus cleared up but i still have an urge to keep swallowing this mucus in my throat with no avail. I’m just stating the things that might be of use to diagnose this lump. I have taken a picture if people have had one and can tell me more information about it

link (it’s a picture of my bottom right side of teeth – expect to see my mouth when you open the link)

Wendy answers:

Lump on gums can be because of canker sores or it can be because of gum abscess. Infected tooth can also lead to pus drain on gums. If it is a canker sore, then it will heal in 10-14 days on its own. Canker sores are self limiting. If it is paining, then orajel can be applied over it and you can continue with warm saline rinses to avoid any secondary infections.Gum abscess can occur because of some sharp food stuff impinging on gums or because of impaction of some foreign object.For treatment of gum abscess, cause of gum abscess is removed and drainage can be established by warm saline rinses. Dental cleaning or curettage may also be required. If lump on gums is because of infected tooth, then root canal treatment of infected tooth is required. If it persists beyond 2 weeks, then visit your dentist for evaluation. By that time, continue with warm saline rinses. For more info on canker sores, refer to…. Http://

George asks…

Swollen, Bruised Pallet, Roof of mouth. What can I do to relieve pain?

I fell the other day and chipped my front tooth, nothing serious but just a little and the next day it hurt to swallow and had no idea why. Now I can feel the roof of my mouth is very swollen. Is there anything I can do or take to relieve the swelling? It is quite painful, but Tylenol seems to be doing the trick for now. It has been about 3 or 4 days…please let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks
I should rephrase Tylenol is working but the effects are starting to wear down, relieving the pain for a less amount of time.

Wendy answers:

Hi! I’ve been in dentistry for over 20 years and to chip a tooth, you had to have a pretty good fall. This could be a contusion, or bone bruise and I would try this. Rinse with heavy duty salty warm water. Hold it in your mouth for 1-2 minutes. Do this 4-5 times a day the last at bedtime. Keep up the OTC pain relief. Eat soft, cool, cold foods for at least 3-4 days. Smoothie, ice cream is fine. See your dentist and have h/her check this out. I think you will be fine. But it is always better to be safe now than sorry later. Marie D~

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