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5 Tips for Acid Reflux Help

Acid Reflux Help Tip#1

Teach yourself to eat slowly.  Don’t rush when you’re eating.  If you stand while you’re eating you will find that you eat faster, so always sit down to eat.  You can also try putting down the fork between bites.  It seems awkward at first but it helps you slow down.

Acid Reflux Tip #2

Don’t overeat.   Eat when you get hungry and stop eating when you no longer feel hungry.  Please note that I did not say to stop eating when you’re full.  By then, it’s too late.  By the time your stomach tells your brain that you’re full, you have eaten too much and will suffer for it.  If you have trouble deciphering that “not hungry” message, then either decrease the portion size at meal times or try eating four or five small meals instead of three large ones.

Acid Reflux Help Tip #3

Don’t go to bed with a full stomach.  I found that going to bed too soon after eating was one of the worst things I could do for my acid reflux.  How soon is too soon?  My recommendation is to make sure you finish eating three hours before you plan to go to bed.  This will allow you time to digest your food, empty your stomach and decrease the acid levels in your body before putting it in a position in which acid reflux is more likely to occur.

Acid Reflux Tip #4

Drop some pounds.  Ok. I know it’s an unpopular tip for acid reflux for many North Americans (me too).  But, if you’re overweight, dropping a few pounds will help relieve your acid reflux symptoms.  The extra pounds put pressure on the stomach (something it doesn’t need when you have acid reflux)

Acid Reflux Help Tip #5

Wear loose fitting clothing.  This tip to help acid reflux can also be unpopular in some circles, but I don’t mean you have to go around wearing a tent.  You can wear something loose and still be stylish.  Yet something as simple as wearing loose fitting clothes can help reduce acid reflux symptoms by removing some of the pressure on the stomach.

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