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Gerd Foods to Avoid

The best way to find foods to avoid with GERD is to keep a food journal.  There are certain food triggers that are common among all GERD sufferers.  But individuals can also have different food triggers.  You can get a guide to help you with all the common problems and solutions but still keep a food journal to ensure you also capture the individual food triggers that are uniquely you.

A food journal, although it’s a pain in the butt for non-list makers, works well.  It is a lot easier to go back to the food journal to see what you ate that caused the heartburn symptoms than trying to rely on your memory.  It is also useful to see recurring combinations of food that have caused a problem.

Foods to Avoid with Heartburn

Greasy or fatty foods are one of the categories of foods to avoid with heartburn.  Things that fall into this category are sausages, bacon, french fries  and deli meats (including pepperoni … my downfall!)   Milk and milk products (cows milk) are also considered fatty. (I can hear the groan from here but yes, that especially means ice cream.)  Fatty foods are harder to digest and require more stomach acid.  Some alternatives are goats milk, feta cheese, goats cheese, almond milk and sorbet.  I don’t tend to recommend soy milk because Dr Mercola has made some persuasive arguments against it.

Other foods to avoid with heartburn include raw onions, spicy foods, alcohol and cooked or processed tomatoes.  Some people can eat raw tomatoes but have a problem with cooked ones. Tomatoes, when cooked, become very acidic.  One thing that has helped me is to put a little bit of baking soda on the cooked tomatoes.  This helps to neutralize the acidity.

Unfortunately, caffeine products also fall into the category of foods to avoid with heartburn.  This includes chocolate, coffee, regular tea and soda pop.  If you have to have coffee, limit yourself to two before noon and preferably from a water-decaffeinated brand.  If you’re looking for the buzz from caffeine, a healthy alternative is coffee from a company called Gano Excel.  The caffeine is removed and replaced with Ganoderma Lucidum (reishi – a super-herb).  It tastes good and still gives you a lift.  Other alternatives are herbal teas, juices and water.

Pick the food that works best for you.  Let your food journal guide you to appropriate choices and combinations of food.

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