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Your Questions About Istock

Betty asks…

Istock internet photos 72dpi to HD 300dpi?

I made a good composition in photoshop cs4 and I wanted to output it onto a poster. Its size is 22by28. I heard there is a way to make these images NOT true HD but helps make it crisper. I think its fragmentation something like that, correct me if i’m wrong. Anyways, is there a way?

Wendy answers:

You have fragmented information.

HD is a video term and can mean a resolution of either 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720. You can do the math to get the mp count

Any image destined to be viewed on a computer monitor needs not be higher than 72 DPI.

Images that will be printed as photographic, inkjet or dye-sub prints, needs to be at 300 DPI..

Any original file must be created at the cameras highest resolution. If you are using a DSLR, shooting with the image setting at Large and JPEG compression set at Fine if you want to have all options open to you later.

In addition, if you shoot using RAW + JPEG, you will at least be at a good starting point to produce up to 20×30 inch prints (the native size of a large 3:2 image ratio image file)

NOTE: The program you may be referring to could be Genuine Fractals. It can help when upscaling images, but remember, you can only paint part of the barn with a single gallon of paint.

Jenny asks…

is there anyway to get a istock photo to use for just one school project without the thing across the pic?

i don’t have any money to buy a $10 pic for school
this is the link to the pic:

Wendy answers:

I don’t think there is any way.
See if you can find another site with the photo, or find a similar photo from a free site. Sorry.

Joseph asks…

besides Istock where can i download photo images ???

from the internet for designing purposes?

Wendy answers:

I’ve used and with good results.

Michael asks…

how much money can anyone make by selling vector illustrations to the stock website like

Wendy answers:

Your work needs to be very popular and very good (and lots of it) to make any serious money from istock or shutterstock (hardly surprising given the competition and the prices they sell at).

Daniel asks…

how to download big image from istock?

hi can any 1 tell me how to download big image from istock its ok with watermak

Wendy answers:

Its very simple just go to photo you want to download drag it and just drop it on address bar bingo !!! You got your photo and not only this site you can apply this trick on any website (orkut, facebook, but dont try it on orkut because then orkut will send a private msg to the owner about it so carefull …..)

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