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Acid Reflux Diet Myths – Part 2

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Myth 4: No Citrus Fruits for Acid Reflux Sufferers

citrus fruit

Citrus fruit helps alkalize the body.

Citrus fruits tend to get a bad rap.  “They” have said for years that acid reflux sufferers can’t eat citrus fruits because it will bring on acid reflux symptoms.  Acid reflux sufferers have been told this so many times that some have bought in to the myth when really they should be looking at what else (and what combinations) they’ve eaten.  Yes citrus fruit is acidic and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to any one who has a raw throat.  Ouch!  But a foods basic acidity or alkalinity doesn’t have an affect on how the body processes and uses it.  For instance, although lemons and lime are very acidic, when the body processes it, it actually has an alkalizing effect on the system.  So, lemons and limes are actually good for your system so long as their fresh and not processed.  Red meat, although if tested is alkaline, when the body processes it, it becomes acidifying.

Myth 5: Acid Reflux Sufferers Can’t Eat Spicy Food

Have you noticed that acid reflux and heartburn seem to be synonymous with a bland, pabulum-like diet?  Does that really have to be the case? A recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in May 2006 suggests that it doesn’t.  It showed that none of that the “trigger”myths about coffee, acidic fruit and spicy foods hold true. . In one study, a Stanford professor found that simply giving up on so-called trigger foods, such as spicy foods or chocolate, had no effect on acid reflux or related symptoms. The only thing that consistently worked for patients were behavioral changes such as eating less, losing weight and elevating our head while sleeping.

Before you try giving up on spicy foods altogether, try just eating less of it each time and pay attention to the ingredients in each dish.  It could be the combination of foods that is getting to you instead of the spices.  Stress can also produce acid reflux symptoms so if you worry about what you can eat when you got out with friends to the Mexican restaurant, you could be causing your own reflux symptoms through stress.

Myth 6:  Acid Reflux Sufferer? – Say Bye Bye to Coffee

One of the first things that acid reflux sufferers are told to do is to cut out acidic drinks such as coffee, alcohol and orange juice.  However, coffee drinkers espressorejoice, there is no scientific evidence linking these beverages to the onset of acid reflux so it’s not a sacrifice that needs to be imposed on everyone.  If you do have problems with coffee, first try to determine what else you eating or drinking with it.  You can also try switching to a herbal tea.  The other option is a healthy coffee from Gano Excel that roasts gourmet coffee beans but replacing the high caffeine with Ganoderma Lucidum (a super herb).

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