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Chronic Digestive Disorders?

If you’ve been suffering from any kind of digestive system disorders such as acid reflux, stomach bloating or colitis, the first place to start looking for a cause is your diet.  I know … I’ve stated the obvious … sorry.  But I’m not talking about individual items like if you drank coffee today or if you ate “spicy” food.  Individual items eaten in isolation will not normally give you digestive problems. However, the wrong combinations of food can give rise to chronic digestive disorders.

In case you’re wondering, the concept of correct food combination isn’t new.  The idea was originally developed by a physician, William Hay, in 1904.  He developed the idea in order to cure himself of various disorders, which he succeeded in doing.  The concept was shelved for decades because the “great scientific revolution” had begun which meant natural remedies were out and pills were in.

Fortunately for us, other people suffering from various digestive disorders and not getting results from the ‘take a pill” crowd, researched and ‘rediscovered’ the system. Luckily, changing the food combinations doesn’t mean giving up the foods you like.   It just means being careful what you eat with what.  There are all sorts of natural remedies that stop the symptoms of acid reflux once they’ve started.  But changing the types of food you eat together is the only effective method I know to stop the symptoms from occurring in the first place.

The basics of the Hay diet are available on the internet if you want to do some research, figure it out and try it to get rid of your digestive disorder. The basic premise is to sort out the food into acidic, alkaline and neutral groups.  You can eat acidic foods with neutral foods, you can eat alkaline foods with neutral foods, but you can’t eat acidic foods with alkaline foods.  Some of the disorders it can help with are IBS, acid reflux, colitis, heartburn and constipation.

I went and took a look at the Hay diet myself but I’m basically lazy.  Yes I admit it.  I don’t like reinventing the wheel when I can find someone else who has already figured it out and created a step by step process to follow.  Besides, like most people these days, I have very little free time. So instead of spending time figuring it all out I found someone who had already researched the science of food combining, figured it out the correct food combinations and created the step by step method.  The food combination diet worked for me and I assume it will work for anyone who applies it.

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